We are headed up in America with a hockey junior Ordoš

The Czechs went to the last match of the group against home Finland, knowing that in the quarterfinals they will encounter one of the overseas teams. A tough defeat of 4: 5 was eventually determined by the United States.

“The Finns flew on us, we were counting on that,” said Jan Ordoš, the first time the two teams played at a tremendous pace. Despite countless chances, however, goals began to fall in the second part. At the goal of the Finns, the Czechs answered the goal of Jiří Smejkal and led by Ordoš.

“Dan Voženílek fought the puck in the corner and recorded Tomáš Šoustal. I suspected he might be able to look for me at the gate.I was there alone and the missile did not sit a bit, but it was a goal, “said a member of the fourth Czech attack, who made it to the tournament for the first time.

But by the end of the game both teams had been dragging on the lead several times. Eventually, after winning Patrick Laine on 5: 4, the Finns were happier. “The conclusion of the match is sorry. We led 4: 3 and then we got into the weakness with unnecessary fouls. Even though I do not know if they were at all foul.Anyway, we did not manage the weakening, “said Jan Ordoš.

In the finishing touches the Finns finally struck three times, which decided the match. “Power plays have been great, they have excellent first two lines full of individuality,” he said to the young Finnish strikers Ordoš.

“But we can say that we played a good game and managed to rise again when we lost,” he was looking for a positive defeat. “We also gave four goals against a strong opponent.It was exactly such offensive productivity that we missed in matches with Russia and Slovakia, “added Jan Ordoš.

Although the Czechs did not get a chance against the Finns in front of the Hartwall Arena, they did not even have a point before the quarterfinals with the US believe. “It will certainly be a very challenging match, because one of the toughest rivals we can meet us,” Jan Ordoš said about the United States. For example, the Overseas team managed to score ten goals for two-thirds in the match with the Swiss.

“But we have heads on the mountain. When we keep the system and play simply in the defensive zone, we have a chance, “he concluded his predictions before quarterback Jan Ordoš. The Czech Twenty may also play a match with the USA as a reward for the eighteen-year World Cup finals in 2014.A large part of Jakub Petra’s team remembers the painful defeat of 2: 5 with the United States.