UD Las Palmas – Espanyol Barcelona 0:0

The eighth round of the Spanish LaLigy opened a goalless outcome between Las Palmas and Espanyol. Moderately top they had a home, but none of the chances Kevin-Prince Boateng did not prevail. In setting his head hit three points Gerard Moreno.

Las Palmas in the last mutual encounter at the Estadio Gran Canaria crushed Espanyol 4: 0, but this time nothing like this happens again. Spectators had ninety minutes did not receive even one goal.

In the first chance they got home footballers, more Kevin-Prince Boateng took advantage of light bend into the match, and promptly fired, but only in places where it was ready to his former teammate AC Milan Diego López. On the other hand, had a tremendous opportunity when outnumbered 2 to 1 Gerard Moreno, at the last moment, he returned home and one ball before the goal cleaned exposed to safety. In the first half, it did not happen more, they played a relatively close match and chances were not much to see.

The second half offered a similar picture as in the first pětačtyřicetiminutovce. Again he repeated Boateng duel with Diego López and this time was successful Spanish goalkeeper. Tactically very hearty game, nothing further offer was made and the change did not bring a three-minute extra time, which had the greatest chance of a decision hlavičkující Gerard Moreno. Las Palmas therefore broke from Espanyol 0: 0th