The most popular football agent in Russia – Arsene Minasov

The most popular football agent in Russia – Arsene Minasov. The one who always swore to reporters. And yes, the same one that the agent Shirokov. Combo.


Still there is the Italian football world such a character as Sinisa Mikhailovich. At the time, a great footballer. What he has achieved as a coach? Why do you know him? Why you might sympathize? Not because of the interview you?

It’s plain and simple things. In fact, we love football is not for kicking the ball from whistle to whistle. Not only for that. We want above all to see in a full-fledged football mini little world. Tale. With its characters and their stories. We guess that for the Latin inscriptions on T-shirts and small fotochki shemku drawn to the starting lineup is hiding a living person. A set of unique stories. We all dream to lift the flat curtain.

When the players and coaches come to the press conference, it is sometimes the only opportunity to learn who they are for us. Are they bright, interesting there, whether funny, grim know. We do not want to see telekukol, we want to see living people. Inanimate we have in Fife. The real world is different from the virtual emotions – also, incidentally, live.

However, as described above – a rarity. Vivid characters – a rarity. Sharp remarks in an interview – a rarity. And not only because it is in principle non-standard rarely occurs. Just the general trends are not in the side, “to please the audience.” All terribly afraid of the word “scandal”. Supreme People (club owners, head of the national football associations, football officials) of the football world, with some exceptions, do not want scandals. This is their interest is completely the opposite of ours.

All of you have heard the story of how American football players were given long suspension for what she once called opponents after the game, “a coward.” Her career – in jeopardy. For “a coward.” Reading this article, I am sincerely grieved heartily. I resent – because: a) it is – a beautiful girl and I was sorry for her; b) the decision meant only one thing – everything written above, we throw in the trash. All our desires neighing, wonder, bet. All the emotions that we want to experience the beautiful game of football, go to hell. He is replaced by “got the ball, looked up, broke” – in response to the question, “Tell me, how have scored a goal.”

Enjoy tells us Institute reputations to protect. Google. We’re so interesting. Not interesting, you guys – we are talking about. Tufta this kind of your reputation. We speak again go to google Karpin.

And Tomáš Koubek … funny, of course, a thing. I hope he is still convinced that argued from the outset. I hope it somehow declare it again. Even if some types of boring it may seem down and out rudeness.