The entire football Internet after you end occurrence in Saint-Petersburg

“On the draw, you get to you” – says me to the VC cocktail among the companions who is the supporter “Spartak”. “Look beautiful, even win thighs well,” the – flies parallel to offer with the time carrying the lock is broken comrade. In hot a lot of dialogues and skirmishes advertising is not found around or concepts about justice the defeat of the red-and-white. What in St. Petersburg yesterday, the city team – decide somehow yourself – there is therefore process fun debate, nothing more. the edge all to endure within match 9. the queue of the CR personally I’m end result is 4:2 support of “Zenit”. Intellectual as well as possible debate, the results hang up feedback the court of enriched imagination of people. And today let’s talk about the the employees afflicted.

The entire football Internet after you complete occurrence in Saint-Petersburg and screaming in unison: “Spartak” was convicted, the judge Sergey Ivanov “planted” red-white “on the whistle”. That’s how Ivan the terrible wrong measure as and judge far to known big players from Moscow. “Killed the game, strangled Metropolitan – about drowned in the Neva, as some the destruction of the defenseless kittens,” the cruel he, Sergey Ivanov this, if you read the comments of journalists as well as the capacity of spectators of the match. Agree memory of society and the players of visitors team as well as the old Director of the red-white Sergey Rodionov, and service press-service “Spartaka”. Only Massimo Carrera diplomatically acknowledged that the refereeing in self the world is twofold.

Midfielder Popov through correspondents gave the referee sincere wishes: “Let him remember: God sees everything.” Evelyn nervous about relevant that at least with the altitude of the clouds was responsible a hundred percent foul (were now yellow card) – clear violation of the rules, what at the score 3:2 did not pay attention to either side of the judge who remained near the members of the plot or the main football destinies. After that “Zenith” quickly escaped to counterattack, the efforts Kokorin received permit, phases of a penalty, and Giuliano topics stopped it’s football


“…I will say only two words: Great judge. The best, – with activity the jury brigade Quincy experienced the sarcasm of the tour. …”

Say to the start of the game the President of the judiciary RFU Valentin Ivanov, what is good led with świadomościami leading “Zenit”. Coincidence? What there – all the signs of a Conspiracy about where when written consistent and surprising comments and expensive politics book. The conspiracy huge letters, because return competent position in episode and feelings of fans of “Spartacus” – near to they all have eyes and ears, catch playing field, and position any new proof. Only the referee Ivanov from his friends mesh product proofs in a crowd is quite don’t fit. And that are now to do? I think, or then and even part of conspiracy?

“…– All of region seen so the refereeing. Me many great lady after the match, wrote that interesting as we have reached two goals with the same ratings. I am ashamed of a championship – all competition were in great horror with action Ivanov, Yes as well as match he could not hide the criticism.