The Cup Of Spain. The progress and record of real

Footballers Madrid “real” they to the quarterfinals of the Spanish Cup, remisując on the road in a return match 1/8 request with Sevillą 3:3. Madrid have not suffered failures in 40 games, conclusion gameplay, is a success.

French coach of real Madrid Zinedine Zidane corrected on individual match the loss former best achievement inbound with current while in Barcelona implemented through Luis Enrique.

In Warsaw of Andalucia Real, who won the important meeting Sevillą 3:0 have happened without your strongest star – Cristiano Ronaldo and also the some the next players from first of the composition. When 77. minutes after the hosts failed Iborry embraced to lead 3:1, and fans have recovered hope to development. Quickly dispelled them, Sergio Ramos, using 83. minutes from the penalty spot, and product set 93. Karim Benzema. French striker locked up this habit record “real”.

Thursday trips to the quarterfinals przypieczętowały also Celta Vigo and Eibar. Group from Galicia beat at the yourself Valencię 2:1 (away win 4:1), and Eibar performed in a goalless draw with CA Osasuna Pamplona (away won 3-0).

Day previously in the quarterfinals, the team defends the trophy Barcelona, beating to middle hotel athletic Bilbao 3:1. In Corner of the Basques, the Catalans lost 1:2. In addition, the permit was struggling real Sociedad, FC Twente and drugoligowy Alcorcón, and Tuesday – Atletico Madrid.