Sparta Holoubek coached with Vack before Beer Sheva

Sparty coach David Holoubek has also advised the former midfielder Kamilek Vack before the Thursday match of the European League in Beer Sheva. For the first time, Haifa and Beer Sheva have lost 2: 4 in the Super Cup, then won 2: 1 in the league and 2: 2 in the league. “Yesterday I talked to Kamil and said they did not play at the new stadium yet, and I wish it was not confirmed and we were able to defeat them,” Holoubek told reporters.

“And Kamil also scared me that Beer Sheva had a great individuality in the team.But he told me something else that could pay for them and what we could surprise them with, “added a coach from Letenky, who premiered on the Sparta bench against Inter Milan, celebrating an unexpected 3: 1 win. >

In Israel, however, the team will be presented in a different situation, and three days after the match, an important league match bästaspelsajterna in Pilsen is waiting for them. “Both are important to us, but we can not do it, we would make it a ponytail. Now we are going to the match in Israel where we want to be successful because Sparta deserves it. And we want to be successful even in the strike with Pilsen, “he added.

Sparta is struggling with a large marod in front of two important matches, including Frýdek, Vácha, Šural, Costa or Rosický. > “Israeli will leave the same match as it was on Sunday against Jihlava.No one has ever been hit, and no one has come, “said Holoubek. ” It will not be rotated, we are very readable and we can not catch the sportspel på internet opponent. But, again, we have young, savvy players, that’s why we will be surprised. “

Beer Seva has already defeated Inter Milan in the European League as Sparta defeated Southampton, with whom the Pražané lost 0: 3 “I still have not got a goal. ” I’m waiting for a high individual quality and a three-off set-up. They will play a lot of offensive, “said Holoubek.

” It is clear that the team has a system and is compact, “he added.

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