Sochi won the home team in Sochi, Slovakia pushed the crazy conclusion to the 9th place

SOTI – Representatives of Russia have won the men’s races at 4×7.5 km in the 8th round of the World Cup in Biathlon in Sochi. On the Olympic tracks the quartet Anton Sipulin, Alexander Loginov, Dmitry Malysk, Yevgeny Ushtugov triumphed with 38.3 seconds ahead of Germany, third Czechs.

The Russians have reached the second round of triumphs in Oberhof. Finally, they also enjoyed the profit of a small crystal globe. In the dramatic end of the season, the Norwegians, who finished without the biggest stars on the 4th place on Sunday, beat 3 points.

, several times appeared on but finally had to settle for the 9th place. Šimočko transferred to the first division from the 8th place, Pavol Hurajt even led the second shot and Miroslav Matiask sent the fifth as the fifth. After 5th in the shoot, the Slovaks led, even though Matiašek twice recharged. He also took another position and relay to the 4th position with 34.7 seconds off the leading Russians. Matej Kazár was in trouble, he had to run one penalty round, which made him a better place. Slovakia has finally reached the ninth and in the SP’s relay rating it is the 10th point behind the Italians.

The Russians were half way up to ten when Loginov had to run the penalty round, but Malysk on his next klađenje putem interneta team already he dragged his forehead.Usbugov then increased his opponent’s lead in the end.

4×7,5 km shooters: 1. Russia (Anton Šipulin, Alexander Loginov, Dmitry Malyskko, Yevgeniy Ushtugov) 1: 09: 50.8 h (1 round + 6 rebounds) vodic kroz internet kladjenje 2. Germany (Erik Lesser, Andreas Birnnacher, Arnd Peiffer, Benedikt Doll) , 3 (0 + 10), 3. Czech (Michal Šlesingr, Jaroslav Soukup, Vít Janov, Ondřej Moravec) +42.9 (0 + 13), 4. Norway (Vetle Sjastad Christiansen, Henrik L’Abee-Lund, Johannes Thingnes, Bö, Tarjei Bö) +50.7 (2 + 8), 5. France (Simon Fourcade, Jean-Guillaume Beatrix, Alexis Boef, Simon Desthieux) Hofer, Dominik Windisch, Pietro Dutto, Christian De Lorenzi) +1: 00.9 (0 + 8),…9.Slovakia (Dušan Šimočko, Pavol Hurajt, Miroslav Matiasko, Matej Kazar) +1: 51,6 (1 + 10)

first Russia 305 points, 2. Norway 302, 3. France 296, 4.

Germany 267, 5. Austria 243, 6. Czech Republic 226,…10. Slovakia 194

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