Sky is going to Italy, he started a free game of € 100,000


British operator Sky Betting & Gaming is about to conquer the Italian gambling market. Soon should start offering their services for money at first but began to lure potential clients to the free play of the Super 6, the winner may take up to 100,000 euros. For a company in Leeds that was an essential milestone, it is the first time that the business went outside their home territory.

Super 6 has a simple principle. Applicant freebies tipped the results of six matches (in this case, football Serie A) and, if properly hit all, of one hundred thousand wins the jackpot, or a share of it if more winners. You can log in via social networks or gmail, condition of the majority.

“The first round was succeeded beyond expectations. We believe that the Super 6 is gaining popularity just as it worked in the UK, “he said the company has a good start. As for the classic online sázkovky, the company would like to start out he was in 2016, but even before that it intends to test the product on a selected group of candidates.

From Italy the Sky Betting & Gaming lot of promise. Rome office entrusted operator Giovanna D’Esposito, former Executive Director Paddy Power Italia and expects to interesting market, which last year generated more than 800 million euros, will soon break through.