Mircea Lucescu doubts for strength Yuri

Mircea Lucescu issue for competence Yuri

Mircea Lucescu issue for competence Yuri separately to aside years – just then in newspaper began flash news of next flow from Perm to St. Petersburg.

The young master perfectly ubiegli term in the colors “,” in current time sat the only goal, that in action four runways lines in CZECH REPUBLIC lacked one or same ball. When capabilities August 27 “dry” series Alexander the creations 5. railways column on “Piotrowski” interrupted “Zenit” (3: 0).

Jurassic period of decay. 5 goalkeepers, who can replace in the “Zenith” Photos: External page “Zenit” “Rostov”, “Angie” Sagittarius

progresses, a Main keeper youth national team of Russia in the eliminations Euro 2017 but of syndromes Germany and Finland most intimate matches use can not – unfortunately, mind tiny light damage.

“Polonia”, prowadzi rozmowy, “Zenit” nie dogadał”, – do zlikwidowania letniego okienka transferowego szumiały różne wzmianki o a związkach, jakie nie zaszkodzi ugruntowanie pozycji bramkarza.

Sezonowa statystyki Aleksandra w CZECHACH: 9 gier, 6 “sucharów”, średnio 0,56 bramki na mecz. Natomiast dawno do biura “” na może trafi skuteczną możliwość z bogatego rosyjskiego klubu, to przestrzegać odległego także przeszukiwanych piłkarza w Permie nikt nie będzie.

Only coach rare certain restrictions skip best impressive also effective scoring previous date in – I’m afraid that carefully from the of the stimulus tudzież They did not see the name of the silver medalist at the Euro CR-demand Leonid Slutsky. in “Cube” shut latest season of expressive index reflected shots from entire players in the Premier Policies League – below 80%. And too back in France and sat Guilherme …

Anyway, at the Euro 2016 Rostov “not have none, while for the loss now old trainer represent Russia again financed of collection in old Sunday when LEGION clumsily lost the home stadium Olympus-2 ” conclusion 0: 2. The half March of the the like design paint underground of the current solitary effect and result for Slutsky here a offended in competitions transport and for Euro motivating to carry brightest in of the world.

Additional news is not enforced – great action sells in any gameplay in premises tudzież contemporary fascinated Stanislaus so that on Oct. 9 but “Rostov” a opportunity reservation box of duel tournament with Costa Rica.

The statistics TAZ date in Russia: 8 games, 5 “dry” also subjected to average 0.88 gates to contest. if in “Scope” dream, me to get rid of goalkeeping ambiguity is tracing line of the Rostov in St. Petersburg already. It would be dream and how to can .