In the quarter-century Hungarian Eleven it is also a duo with Slovak past

BRATISLAVA. Professional player’s Football Association HLSZ (hivatásos Labdarúgók Szervezete) has selected the best elite Eleven members since its inception.

It is interesting that in the reporting period 1990-2015 to the prestigious choice given the central back András Telek, respectively midfielder Lájos Détári.

The younger of the couple’s 44-year-old played for Telek jersey championship club 1.FC Košice in the 1997/98 season. The former Hungarian national team arrived in eastern Slovakia from Ferencvaros Budapest and stayed at the club for one year.Subsequently, he returned to Ferencváros.

In the above 1997/98 season played Telek in Kosice and four matches in the group stage of the Champions League. Moreover, at that time he helped the rich Slovak club to defend the championship title.

Telek worked on the domestic scene except Ferencvaros Budapest and in the colors of Zalaegerszeg. Legionary chlebík tasted except Kosice also in the Chinese club Yanbian FC. His career ended in Horná Potôň

The second player who has direct experience of football in our country is a former great midfielder Lajos Détári.Unlike Teleka but Détári came to Slovakia at the end of his playing career.

That’s why he has only a short time in the amateur team Družstevník Horná Potôň. To Club of Rye Island Détári he came in 2001 with the reputation of an experienced and internationally seasoned player.

Hungary represented in 61 matches, with the three goals scored 13 representative interventions. Impressive are the club addresses now 52-year-old Détáriho.

Eintracht Frankfurt, Neuchatel Xamax, Olympiacos Piraeus, Genoa, Ancona Calcio and Bologna. In Hungary, his name is associated primarily with the team Budapest Honvéd, although short anabasis experienced even in a competitive Ferencvárosi.Trainer Return

Détári returned to Slovak football in 2009, but this time as a coach. Practically right after the end of his career, Détari went to training.

In Slovakia, FK Tornaľa was the club’s coach. However, for Détári’s trainer’s handwriting it is characteristic that he will not last long in any field.

As a player he dressed the jerseys of many clubs as the coach is still “flyer”. FC Bihor Oradea (Romania), Panserraikos FC (Greece) or Hanoi FC Vietnam Club. If we do not count on Tornale, this is just the calculation of the foreign ex-deputy foreign stables.

And at home? So this is the finished directory.Csepel Budapest, Honvéd Budapest, Ferencváros Budapest, Tatabánya, Sopron, Siofok, Diosgyor, Nyíregyháza, Vecsés FC and Haladás Szombathely.

In 2006, Détari was briefly assistant to the coach of the Hungarian team. In any case, however, it is clear that Détari was the most interesting item on the pitch, as in the position of the head of the bench.Legionnaires choice

As the Hungarian top league is not among the prestigious European leagues, not surprising that almost every player from the All-Star team spent part of a career abroad.

The only exception is the attacker Bela Illes, who decided to spend your entire career in his native country.

Slovak fans will certainly remember the goalkeeper Gábora Királyho, who was known not only great performance between the posts, but his gray sweatpants, which prefer instead of the classic shorts.

Currently, the most famous footballer of our southern neighbors, 28-year-old attacking midfielder Balázs Dzsudzsák.Teammate Thomas Hubočan from Dynamo Moscow to include a wider range of top midfielders in Europe and its transfer value is estimated at 12 million euros.

In addition Dzsudzsak are chosen from among the eleven-active players have only striker Zoltán Gera and defender Roland Juhász. Balázs Dzsudzsák in jersey VSWR: