I think I can manage Rio, says Hejna after the Tábor test. He’s still thinking of gold

The first race for more than two months has been the athlete Zuzana Hejnová. The Czech medal hopes for the Olympics in Rio in the 400 meters hurdle discipline at the Grand Prix of Tábor – the Jn Pán Memorial, tested the two hundred and in an irregular wind (3.0 meters per second) reached 24.22. “This is a good direction,” she said.

What did this race show you?
“I appreciate that I could run out of pain, . I said when I was about twenty-four to be happy. I think it answers that I was at the concentration camp in Nymburk. When you relax, it will be better. “

Did you feel tired of training?
” Sure.I’ve had a lot of training for two weeks to get it, so I have roughly this time. “

All the spring you’ve been trying to catch up with the training manko you picked up because of achilles injuries. Did it happen?
“I hope it will grow a bit, I still do not feel totally 100% at speed, I’m still working on it.”

Was it for the first time in the Golden Triter where you ran 400 meters of obstacles on May 20?
“I was looking forward but I was a little nervous. They were races after a long time. I did not know what to expect. I believed for such a time, perhaps a little faster. I liked the twin. On Tuesday, in Cheb, I will run 300 meters of obstacles.So I’m going to test the obstacles and then Rio. “

How are you looking forward to Rio all the time?
” I look forward to, of course, nervous, It will be great for me, but I think it’s a good way to do it…”

Still, do you want to win at the Olympics?
“I would like to…Of course, I still want to win but I will try to attack the best place.”

When are you flying to Brazil?
“Eighth, “

Did not she take a few days earlier to participate in the opening ceremony of Her?
” I was considering it, but because of the training I’m flying to eighth. If I flew the fourth, I will not do much training there.I’m going to make two harder trainings here and fly over there. Only if they offered me a flag, I thought I would fly fourth. “

Who are you going to vote for?
” They’re there Many people will not yet.

There is a list of people who want to start. Because rolers can not go there, Ondra Synek and so, so there are quite a few people there. So either Pavel Maslak or Jarda Baba.Athletics – The Queen of Sports! “

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