Hesse offers sázkovkám gambling tolerance


Story online betting in Germany is the next chapter. After the known problems with awarding licenses, operators protests and de facto suspension of the process, now there was a new opportunity. Hessian Ministry of Interior, which is responsible for the whole affair, plans to offer those interested in something like a temporary authorization business. Just to prove a sufficient solvency and willingness to pay a levy of what clients in the future prosázejí.

For four years in Germany theoretically true gambling legislation for online gambling. Realistically, it’s only paper, which does not follow anyone. Problems with the alleged discrimination by some companies (permission should only get twenty-elect) resulted in the fact that the process is completely stopped and that the Federal State of Hesse being entrusted to handle the situation.

To make things at least moved from the place, came ministerial office with a temporary solution – operators proposed a measure called Duldung (tolerance). The principle is simple. Germany sázkovkám permit to offer its services to customers and society for it will pay taxes according to the principle contained in the invalid gambling law. Another condition is a bank guarantee (for banks based in the EU or the European Economic Area) in the amount of 368,000 euros. Those interested should enroll in mid-November.

According to the lawyers but everyone must realize that tolerance does not establish entitlement to long-term permit and may be terminated at any time. Meanwhile, if you would like someone to do business in Germany without securing the permission of the tolerance, it faces a fine of up to half a million.

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