Hamilton awaits attack on record, world title does not come from Brazil

Do not ever Brit won eleven races of a season, or six in a row. Hamilton has been dragged into it. On Sunday in Austin he defeated Rosberg even though he started the race after him. In the overall standings, has 316 points, while Rosberg 292. The game is still 75 points since the last race will be awarded double points.

Hamilton, the US became the third pilot, who in one season won ten races . So far it worked with only two Germans – Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel. Both of them became champions of the world this season.

“I never won in Brazil, so I’m going to fight it.It is far from being decided, but I’m positively tuned, “said Hamilton, who has been the most successful pilot in British history since last year’s 32 career victories.

” Neither of us can have any other goal than winning both upcoming qualifiers and Both races, especially the last, “Rosberg said. “There’s still a lot of points in the game. If I want to become a world champion, I have to win and hope, “said the German rider. Thanks to him, Mercedes in the previous race equaled the tenth “double” of the 1988 McLaren record. Rosberg also has a record on his record but he has no such joy. This season he was ten times the second, winning only four times.Still, he has a great chance of becoming world champion thanks to double points in the last race.

“No investigation, total attack. I have to win the qualification and bring it first to the finish. We have both great cars and it’s up to us how it turns out. It’s going to be a great fight, “said Rosberg. In Brazil, Hamilton became the world champion for the first time in 2008, a single point ahead of Felipe Massa, who then won his own audience.But in his william, he will make it hard to repeat victory.

That would be more likely to succeed Red Bull riders, especially Australian Daniel Ricciardo, the third man of the MS. “We certainly want to show at the end of the season that our cars are already competitive and end the year on the podium,” said Christian Horner, chief of the team.