Hamerlikova goalkeeper! He twice captured Ruzicka’s solo

In the direct duel of Slovak goalkeepers, who took care of the 2012 world championship, Peter Hamerlik rejoiced with the Ocelars. Ján Laco, Chomutov also caught very well, but Třinec won 3: 1 and defended the first place in Tipsport extralize.

“We are very good with John and I write there, but we did not play before the game . It is not one of us, “Hamerlik smiled, staring at the match. He captured 30 shots and twice brutally eliminated the separate releases of Vladimir Ruzicka.

How would you describe two interventions against Ruzicka’s escape?
“At the first I expected a little Shoot between your legs. I guess I went down soon, but I still put a stick and hit my country.The second raid was a bit like that, he went from side to side. These are skilled hockey players, they can do anything, but I’ve been waiting for the second end. “

After 48 minutes in the 2: 1 second Růžička, In the hall you noticed?
“As the end is coming, people have begun to encourage us, which is great. In any sport, perhaps in addition to golf, you play better when you have fans behind your back. We are grateful for the whole season, we want to thank them for this. “

What was the match for you?
” We did not start well, the first third was practically not there.

We did not go, we did not move. After the first we deserved to lose.During the break, we talked about it and we started better. Then we had a little patrol and we did not get too far ahead. Good hockey. “

The second third for I was a little heavier because they did not have ten or fifteen minutes at all, that’s hard for the goalie. They have had a chance, a lot of cloning, physically and mentally it was a difficult match. “

How do you perceive the current role of the first?
” Simon (Hrubec) catches fantastically, has a phason like never and is probably the best goalkeeper in the league. I said it a million times, we have an extraordinary relationship, I accept it. We play collective sport, you have to take on any task to succeed.I take it that way. I got a chance now and I’m doing everything to win. online betting guide And I think it’s ok. “

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