Federer does not understand his wife’s speech years after

TORONTO – Swiss tennis player Roger Federer does not understand his wife, Bojnický native Miroslava Vavrinecová.

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“We’ve been together ten years, but when rozpr & aacute; your parents in his native English, let & aacute; PEM word. it’s hard for me & aacute; speech and & aacute; differentiate & scaron; n & aacute;” < / em> exp & scaron; tatoval 16-n & aacute; sobn & yacute; Grand slams & yacute; & scaron; ampi & oacute; in interview with publicist Tomom Tebbuttom for Canadian & Yacute; Dennis & iacute; to the Globe and Mail.

r & aacute; experienced when the last zapinkat the tr & eacute; ningovej wall, Federer said:

“It is truly good time.Ned & aacute; VNO I’m & scaron, if you saw something like & eacute; it younger & iacute; ka yield the & eacute; MTO sp & ocirc, reindeer and I remembered the time when I was against the wall hr & aacute; wall clocks and clock. M & uacute r is the best and scaron; & iacute; m sparing, never malfunction & iacute ;. “

& Scaron; vajčiarov scalp We & CORPORATE le Putter & iacute, the absolute & uacute; tne most valuable and scaron, ie the profesion & aacute; lnom circle of men, dock & aacute; zali him in and scaron; if the & iacute; Skate and women

“I used to tr & eacute; ning hr & aacute; bulwark against niekdaj & scaron; ej & scaron; tvorke Lights & eacute; it Magdalen Maleev from Bulgaria, who is a member of the European Parliament; to be prepared to prepare. I’m afraid I’ve lost a set with her. I have also played with Emmanuel Zard, a cheerleader; was in the Top 50 renking.She was fighting me and I was crying out of disappointment – I was 14 or 15 years old. “

About the tricks on the b & yacute, val & yacute; The world has said that: “I think that I am the most powerful and scaron; walk away from the legs. Skills of this type in & scaron; if any & scaron; oven & aacute; lne netr & eacute; nujem.There are a lot of people who love you; p & uacute; in juggling & cognate; skilled & scaron; & iacute; like me. “

Federer is a child in football and his most exciting and scaron & “After a year, I was paid to Marco Chiudinelli, the mercenary, and my friend, and I had to go to my colleague from the courtyard, . It was at the age of ten, he was a loser, a loser and scaron, and a defender of FC Bazilej, who was the most famous and fascinated of the Concordie Basel.I got it. “ Hockey talk & call,” FedEx “much less: ” I also got here in Toronto, but I’m slow & yacute; and I only walk around – I can not stop or skate on skates, you. When you’re done with tennis, teach it. “