FC Nantes – Paris Saint-Germain 0:2

His first goal in 2017 saw striker Edinson Cavani, who won two precise interventions proved humble in good form playing Nantes. And since Friday in Nice předehrávce hesitated to land Bastia, PSG loses at the moment, the title has only one point. Like a week ago on the ground Rennes has been a key success Parisian clean sheet.

Two trips to the Breton peninsula during the last two rounds promised wards coach Unai Emery fairly tortuous and unpredictable future. PSG, however, with an unpleasant lot surprised his excellent. Another hesitation simply can not afford it otherwise would again have a lot to lose in the first position.

The arrival of coach Sergio Conceicao was just the impetus improving the results canaries, who in Ligue 1 won four in a row and moved even in the middle of the table. Maybe from his opponent they had yet to exaggerated respect. Being first a greater chance they have created just after 9 minutes, but Sala coveted space between the three poles hit.

Guests contrary calmed down and got on his horse and the best Uruguayan killer Suter French premier competition in the 21st minute. Quick combination was the foundation of the event, Draxler on the right side of the release Lucas Moura, who presented the ball to the middle on a nabíhajícího Edinson Cavaniho that unmarked dupe hesitate.

Nantes actually throughout returns to this morning the collected response. Conversely, his opponent continues his way for insuring fluke. After the Lucas Moura headed Meunier after 63 minutes, only just above 65 minutes, then Edinson Cavani added his twentieth goal of the season, when it is beautifully struck free-kick.

At the end of the match Edinson Cavani still trying to complete a hat-trick, but like his teammate Rabiot this time was successful in the end. With this win, PSG remains the only total from the entire peloton Ligue 1, which neremizoval out yet. Of the eleven matches won seven, lost four times.