DECEMBER: Pilsen ended the autumn at the top, Sparta rolled back in Europe

December, this is not the month promised football in the Czech Republic. While in England it has traditionally been playing over holidays, the Czech league often ends its autumn part in November. But this time, the final round was on the first weekend of December.

It was confirmed that the league will be over Pilsen over the winter. The new coach, Karel Krejčí, started a fabulous ride, winning eleven of the twelve matches under his leadership.

Once again, he showed how fast football lives. Even at the end of May fans in Štruncové sady celebrated another coach, Miroslav Koubek. He made the title to Pilsen and remembered the tattoo, but the start of the new season did not work.He fell out in front of the Champions League, lost himself in the league, and the confidence of fans and leadership quickly weakened.

The European League opened Pilsen eyes, Sparta stumbled back home

Krejci jumped to his place, taking his club’s legend Paul Horváth for his assistant.Together they were running the team with a successful league autumn, but the European League did not show up and Plzeň fell out of the group.

It only scored in the first match with Minsk and in the last match of autumn with Villarreal, when no one team could do anything.

“The European League has opened us a little and showed us we have big reserves, “said Krejci. “I hope we get the hammer at the right moment and next year we make it.”

In Sparta, the situation is the opposite.After the elimination from the Champions League came a successful cup race, balanced matches with Schalke and progress to the spring phase of the European League (Sparta will call the Russian Krasnodar) – so bravo.

With the league they are not satisfied with the losers: they lost the derby with the Slavs, then they did not manage a key match with Pilsen in the power game.

And the winning prize in Ostrava in the last autumn round has not been able to move the table. Overwintering others with a three-point loss.

“I do not mean it would be a failure. We wanted to be higher but the loss is minimal, it is easy to catch up, “goalkeeper David Bičík believes.At the end of the leagues, no one should be happy about Letná from the second place.

What’s in the fall yet? Certainly the Liberal Cup, which stopped the strong Olympique Marseille in the last match of the group. In the beginning of December, the French team did not ruin the winning winter, winning 4: 2 at Nisy. Already participating in the European League was a success for the team from North Bohemia, but the coach Jindřich Trpišovský was dejected.

“For a moment, the wrinkled tooth of wisdom hurt me more.Now it’s a defeat with Marseilles, “he said, even with a smile when the season ended. “I take the pain of the tooth as a punishment for dropping out.”

Otherwise he could be happy, Liberec defeated Slavia in the last lap of December and is fourth in the table. In front of him, Mlada Boleslav, who has long played with attacking football but has not managed to score too much in the last three games, has scored only two points.

Great disappointment is at the end of the year in Ostrava. Banik, a traditional league club, has just struck Sparta in the autumn finisher, but he has only four points in the middle of the season and is almost written off. Or will he pick up in the spring? What about the fight for the title and about the cups, how is it going to happen?The football fans will not get the answer until next year.