Croat Kostelic wins slalom in Alta Badii

ALTA BADIA slalom winner of the second season World Cup 2008/2009 men’s Alpine Skiing Alta Badii in the Italian became the representative of the Croatian Ivica Kostelič by a margin of 20 hundredths of a second in front of Frenchman Jean-Baptiste Grange. Winner initial slalom in the Finnish Levi remained the leader of the interim ranking in slalom with 180 points. He finished third in Alta Badii on the Gran Risa slope Olympic gold medalist from Turin 2006 Austrian Benjamin Reich (+0.80). At the head pribežného standings remained continue with 430 points Norwegian Aksel Lund Svindal, who on Monday but finished 34th and not score. Experienced Reich, however, thanks to Monday’s 60 points moved up to secondplace in the overall assessment and the versatile Norwegian skier already losing only 37 points.

For 29-year-old Kostelic, which ended on Sunday in the second giant slalom, it was the ninth leadership in SP Cup career, eighth in slalom. On the slalom at the SP leadership he waited more than five years, last triumphed December 15, 2003 in the Italian Madonna di Campiglio. Of Zagreb have an excellent starting position already exit in the first round when he was in front of the Grange’s lead to 53 hundredths of a second.

“The feeling of another victory in slalom is very nice, but I had it a long wait.My goal is not the World Championships or the World Cup, but always the next race, “he said after his triumph in the slalom world champion in 2003 and winner of the Cup in the discipline of the 2001/2002 season Ivica Kostelič.

From a broader circuit Favorita Eliminated in round 1 of the Austrian world champion Mario Matt, Marc Berthod of Switzerland and also advocate for overall victory in the SP American Bode Miller. Slalom in Alta Badii was a replacement for the canceled event in the French Val d’Isere, which is not made for racing a strong wind. Results

Men – slalom: 1. Ivica Kostelič (Cro.) 1: 39,83 min, 2 Jean-Baptiste Grange (France) + 0.20, 3. Benjamin Raich (Rak.) +0,80 4. Giorgio Rocca (Tal.) +1,43 5.Manfred Moelgg (Tal.) +1.58, 6. Patrick Thaler (Tal.) + 1,65, 7. Marcel Hirscher (AUT.) +1.66 8. Mattias Hargin (Sweden.) A Markus Larsson (Sweden .) both +1.70, 10. Swede Jens Byggmark.) +1.81.

Overall World Cup standings (after 13 of 37 races): 1. Aksel Lund Svindal (NOR.) 430 points, 2. 2. Benjamin Raich (AUT.) 393, 3. Jean-Baptiste Grange (France) 366 4. Didier Cuche (Switzerland.) 334, 5 Carlo Janka (Switzerland.) 331, 6. Daniel Albrecht (Switzerland.) 330, 7. Ivica Kostelič (Cro.) 315, 8 Didier Defago (Swi.) 309, 9. Michael Walchhofer (AUT.) 290 10. Ted Ligety (USA) 279…90. Jaroslav Babušiak (SR) 12.

the order of the ratings slalom (after 2 of 10 races): 1. Jean-Baptiste Grange (France) 180 points, the secondIvica Kostelič (Cro.) 145 3. Bode Miller (USA) 80, 4. Mattias Hargin (Sweden.) 68, 5. Mario Matt (AUT.) And Benjamin Raich (AUT.) Both 60, 7. Andre Myhrer ( Swed.) 54, 8. Markus Larsson (Swe.) 52, 9. Giorgio Rocca (Tal.) and Silvan Zurbriggen (Switzerland.) both 50.