Coach Saffar Steckley: Seventh place? Lucka is a player for the elite five

Coach Lucia Safarova after a loss in the Roland Garros finals hopes the big result will come. For Canadian Rob Steckley, Saturday’s defeat of Czech tennis player with Serena Williams’ motivation for another job and believes that Safarova is the world’s fifth player.

“It turns out we are heading for our goals. “If we do another great result in the near future, it will be a bumper, if not, we will do it until it does,” Steckley said after the final. “She’s done incredible work here, and we’re proud of it, it’s a great success,” he said, “he’s been happy with Steckley over two years.In the new edition of the ladder for the first time in his career he will be in the top ten, from the thirteenth place to the seventh.

“Ten was our goal, but I believe he is a player for the elite five. The grandslam results could be, “the coach looked for the future. “Lucie has proved to us that he has it in. It is fine, but we will continue to do it,” he added.

Great endings

Paris, 28 years old Safaris surprised him how he managed the end of the matches . The most obvious was the victory over the world two by Russia’s Maria Sharapova in the eight-finals. “Then she repeated it, then repeated it, and the situation had not gone so far in the past.”This is the first time that Safarova broke through the Wimbledon semifinals for the first time, now stepping up in Paris,” said Steckley. From grandslam title in singles.

“It’s proof that we are on the right track. We do not want to hurry up. It would be nice to win the cup here or the next tournament. But we do not think we have to conquer the cup next time and we do not put pressure on ourselves. It’s going to motivate us to add, “said Steckley.

Nervousness worked

The player had the impression that the final was mentally well, but the coach noticed that it was not Ideal. “She did not feel comfortable.She was a bit lost in the turmoil of the battle, “he said, but the nervousness gradually got rid of him.” She was rid of the fear of disappointment she had in her head at the beginning, and when the chance came in the second set, And she calmed down. In the third set he decided to experience, “he said.

Safarova has a big chance for the first time to qualify for the Champions’ Championship, thanks to the French Open final. They wanted to get there. We can think about it, but the season is still long, so it does not make sense to concentrate on it. Anything can happen. We need to improve now. We have room. We will rest and then go back to work, “said Steckley.