Chicharito against Panama could become a record breaker, it lacks goal

Mexico finals stage of qualification for the World Cup started a valuable scalp of the USA and tonight also intends to establish in Panama, a special motivation, will take on Javier Hernández. That is just one wicket from settlement record holder in the number of exquisite shooting, Jared Borgettiho …

Former Bolton striker in the Mexican jersey makes a total of 46 times in 89 starts, while support Leverkusen has collected three matches less. “It will be nice when it comes, but it’s not something I was obsessed,” remain calm author of five goals this year’s Bundesliga.

Chicharito in the colors of El Tri neúřadoval the annual Copy América and in total this calendar year amassed just three notches for the online betting tips national team, while 28-year old striker emphasizes that, under the leadership of the Colombian coach Juan Carlos Osorio more defensive duties than ever before.

In the night from Saturday to Sunday Hernández 90 minutes of work contributed to robbing American soil, but also rejects that would somehow give the Mexicans forget the shameful debacle in the quarterfinals of this year’s Copy (0: 7 Chile).

“There are many people who believe in paranormal phenomena, sees everywhere some ghosts (who we have to chase),” he laughed at a press conference Chicharito, who also did not forget to address the controversial rule of the Mexican league, which authorizes up to 10 foreigners in eighteen nominations wrestle.

“If there is no trust in national production, it will be for Profe (coach nickname – Ed. Ed.) Complex. We need to give younger players a real chance,” encourages Hernandez, who worked in his native country until 2010 in local Guadalajara.

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