Budaj praise the coach and teammates

Boston. Five matches on ice odchytaných Boston and winning five. Such is the balance Slovak ice hockey goalie Petra Budaja at TD Garden, Home Boston Bruins. Currently there with teammates from Montreal victory 2: 1 after the shootout ended dvanásťzápasovú home winning streak.

Banskobystričan-years old had 28 successful interventions, which helped to win big rival on the ice and after the meeting, declared him the first star. Something similar Budaj performed in Boston and 30 January At that time, the winning Canadiens 4: 1 presented 34 interventions.Was given precedence over pricey

“Some goalkeepers feel good in certain arenas and Peter seems to suits which Boston. This victory can for militancy and commitment deserved. My decision to deploy him on this match resulted mainly from the that fights against Boston is a big challenge. Peter gave us the match exactly the answer, what we expect from him, “said Montreal coach Michel Therrien why on Monday did not catch the first Canadiens goalie Carey Price, but Budaj.

The result for the benefit of guests from Montreal decided in the fourth series of shoot-American forward Alex Galchenyuk. Budaj gradually liquidated attempts P.Bergeron, Iginlu, Marchand and Krejci and cut personal štvorzápasovú series without winning, during which he received thirteen goals. Budaj has at TD Garden interventions average percentage of 96%.

“I’m not superstitious,” said Peter Budaj on the issue of overseas media, or let accidentally pour in the ice stadium in Boston coin for good luck.

“It’s not just about me. Before me are the players who have to make goals, great blocking an opponent and generally doing the right things. It is true that in Boston we tend to serve very good performance, but it applies to the domestic players. These matches are very dramatic.I am delighted when at the end we can enjoy the victory, “said Budaj, who has this season the balance of 9 wins, 8 losses in regular time and two overtime losses, respectively. Shootout.

” it’s a great goalie. It comes to us more certainty and today it has been seen. This match we won one. Especially in the first and second period showed off a surgery, “praised Budaj Canadiens captain Brian Gionta. Czech forward Tomáš Plekanec he added:” The capture great game, but we know that it will be so. It’s a reward for his hard work in training.After training remains and 45 minutes on ice with some teammates. “

Budaj admitted that he likes the atmosphere of rivalry between Boston and Montreal, that clubs belonging to establishing respectively. Original Six teams in the NHL.

“The atmosphere is usually great. Montreal fans travel well to away games, make the mood in the stands and those of Boston are also properly insane. In some moments or hear the whistle.Everyone wants to experience these games just right for that spectator atmosphere, “said Budaj for server NHL.

Slovak goalie is well aware that two points from Boston to have his team grand prize in the battle to advance to play- off. “I feel excitement and fulfillment of that coach gave me confidence in such an important match. I’m glad I odvďačiil good performance, as well as the whole team, “said Peter Budaj.