Bookies – Money and discipline


It’s been 11 years, but I remember it to this day. In CHANCE stood before me a man who wrote a paper on the two numbers, handed it to the woman behind the window and said: “Fifty thousand.” It was quite pale, and he pulled out an envelope with the money, his hands were shaking.

The man bet on the Champions League second round basic groups. Great motivation for all teams, so he decided to bet that the Spartans beat Lazio at home and Arsenal also win at home over then not very well known Shakhtar Donetsk. Chance worker verified that bet can accept and print a coupon for fifty thousand with a total rate of 1.35.

I better then I’ve ever seen, but it is possible that I would not recognize him anyway, because he was watching Arsenal seemed gray hair. Gunners after half an hour of losing 0: 2 and a few minutes before the end it was 1: 2nd Martin Keown was able to compare the 2: 2 and the same player in the last minute arranged Arsenal three points and punters Chance of net win of 15,000.

For him, this match (Lazio and Sparta have been consulted without problems) resulted in a happy ending, but if you change your way of betting, probably did not fare too well. According to his body language it was clear that the match bet more money than they could afford – who knows if you lend them – and any loss would hurt him a lot.

Betting, if you want to make profit, not about how to choose the correct match. Specifically, it is not just about that. Whether you how good tip, it’s still just one tip, which also may not come out. Although betting is fun, but it still remains a form of investment, which in the long term can not (Expekt) do without certain rules of money management. If you do not follow these rules, or good tips from bookies do not make you profitable.

Its about how well they know poker players. They often participate in tournaments in which they face off against several hundred or thousands of opponents. Chances are that in this tournament to win some money, not too big; chance that even such a tournament win is very small. This applies even very good poker players – in this game because there is a random factor that may even exclude the best player of the tournament.

Successful poker players because they have their so-called. Bankroll and participate in tournaments in which their bankroll allows them to log in. Bankroll is the sum of money to the game – it’s not therefore money, without which it would not have to rent, for food, and so on. Whether a player no Betsafe ( matter how rich, each tournament will invest only a small portion – a maximum of one percent – of their bankroll. Thanks to “survive” a period when it fails (and such periods would sometimes come to everyone), and nezbankrotuje, for example, when it comes out of the ten tournaments consecutively idle.

The betting it works exactly the same way. You may be even the best punter, but such can happen to lose ten tickets in a row. For example, if you have 10,000 crowns each of the ten proherních tickets wagered per thousand, they would be zero, and you would have to re putting together the money to bankroll, which is annoying.

Tips on how to properly care for the money found on the Internet a lot, but at least two are universal:

1st Never risk more than 5% of your bank. Even the most five percent of the lot; if you want to live a more leisurely age, prefer to keep the bet at 2-3%. Neither the ten losing tickets in a row will not break the bank then.

2. Avoid bets to make up for previous losses. A friend years ago he sent to an account at internet bookmakers 1,500 EUR patiently smaller stakes multiplied almost doubled. The system was excellent, but worked only until the day when a friend did not work out multiple bets, so he decided to bet all the existing profit on the favorite in a friendly match. After the result 0: 0 realized that not only bet for friendly matches is tricky, but mostly he learned that the system is excellent without excellent discipline useless.