Bet calendarium September 5 to September 11


Selection of exchange offers for this week. Random: representative and club football, beginning hockey league, tennis and basketball.

Monday, September 5
It is not even three months since, along with Croatia and Turkey last met. Within the euro in France, while the Croats won “only” 1: 0, 90 minutes but clearly dominated. The question is how it will look on the field about three months later, but that is played in Zagreb, it is necessary to seek the favorite in the former Yugoslavia.

Tuesday, September 6
The Netherlands has a great incentive to correct past failures. Traditional favorite big tournaments at EURO did not advance at all, although it had its first 24 participants. This time it is not no fun, because in Group A are also French, Bulgarians and Swedes. Now in Stockholm Dutchmen will begin.

Wednesday, September 7
Thanks to seventh place from the last continental championship Czechs do not need to undergo further qualification Eurobasket, who will jointly host next year Romania, Finland, Israel and Turkey. Many renowned units in preliminary rounds but had random, Russia, Germany and Slovenia. Will celebrate not only the winners of the seven groups, but also the four most successful teams from other places.

Thursday, September 8
Pilsen plays hockey in the Champions League group J, where the lighter opponents on paper, Nitra and Stavanger. To defeat the Slovak Republic would Západočeši but had a hard time reigning Norwegian champion beat. The first duel in passing on the ice opponent ended 3: 0 for Plzen.

Friday, September 9
Starts the new year of the Czech Extraliga, first playing day will go into action twelve of the fourteen teams, duel master of Liberec with Pilsen is postponed. With big plans going into the season Třince hockey team, which last all failed and ended in preliminary round play-off. Silesia came many reinforcements and the team should fight for the title. The first will test TŘINECKÝ form of Pardubice.

Saturday, September 10
Right in the fourth round of the Premier League for the first time meet Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola, the former coach of Barcelona and Real Madrid. Portuguese new leads Manchester United and Manchester City Spaniard, making personal prestige more acute the fact that it is also a city derby. Both teams, after three duels foolproof, they fight for the title, which is already so high attractiveness is enhanced.

Sunday, September 11
While on Saturday, will play for the title of women and male deblisté, second Sunday will be the tennis US Open women’s doubles finals and the men’s single. The most important item on the agenda of the tournament should start at four in the afternoon American time.