Barak even two months ago not played much, now is the representation

Barak had initially Antonin go with twenty-one to up match in Portugal, but eventually to his surprise he got from coach Karel Jarolím additionally premier invitation to the national team A-team matches against Norway and Denmark. Jednadvacetiletý midfielder has yet to account only 33 league starts.

“Just two months ago, I really have not played in Slavia. I told you what would happen if you might not be better to choose a different path. I wondered how things would be. So what has now happened, myself I do not understand,” he told reporters with a smile Barak.

“It was a huge surprise. Do it now wearing a bit, I feel that it’s something special. Maybe you’re not yet aware. This is what I dreamed odmalinka for it that football makes me online betting free bets once got at this high level and base,” jednadvacetiletý Barak added.

About his joy he was first shared with his father, who brought him to football and is dedicated to training youth representation. “He said he is very proud of me and let’s show you the best. Not too that conversation did not take place because it was more like a lot of touching,” said Pribram fosterling, who came to Slavia in the winter of last season.

Representation for him and a reward for what they have had to go through in his career. He underwent fatigue syndrome and a congenital defect of the back, so you have to train individually.

“I’m the kind of person who is very ambitious. A lot of guys with whom we worked, I need sometimes laughing, but I have goals set pretty high. I do not know if it’s entirely fair. I want to move high up and áčko nároďáku was the supreme goal, “said Barak.