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Games are known almost since the dawn of time. But with the development of internet betting came into the new reality – virtual. One of the many game companies that offer games on the internet is Bet365. As it turns

DP: Spaniels without Ferrer, but with Alberto Cost

MADRID – In the Spanish daviscup show, the former world team Juan Carlos Ferrero and Tommy Robredo do not appear in the upcoming meeting of the first round of the 2005 World Cup in Slovakia. & Scaron, Panielsky Cap &

They scored in both games. New Locks want to shoot more goals

NEW LOCKS. A home win of 1: 0 over Žilina and a tight loss in Zvolen 1: 2 after an extended period, is the balance of the ice hockey players of Nový Zámkov after the introductory two rounds of the

Players have earned the respect they deserve, says the team of Europe

TORONTO. They had to be only in numbers, and finally together with home Canada they secured the group’s first move.The European team will also play with six Slovak hockey players in the World Cup unexpectedly in the semifinals. It is

Will he go away even though his form went up a month incredibly upstairs?

BRATISLAVA. Last time he listened to his address for the time. In the fall only, he had seventeen goals, fourteen for Plzeň and three for the national team. Michal Ďuriš played in life form. Read also: No honey, rice or

Carlsbad hockey players defeated Liberec, Olomouc counseled Slavi

When I arrived in Karlovy Vary, I was struggling for two of the three matches, but then I was able to get my hands on it. Started to play very well. I like cooperation with my teammates in the attack.

Вещи, названные в честь других вещей или иногда после особых людей!

У этого вопроса были выпуклость Знаний в швах, с именами, вливающимися в поток людей (и пара женщин), которые имеют привилегию команды, названной в их честь. Мы решили скинуть команды, названные в честь святых (потому что их так много) и тех,

Hamilton awaits attack on record, world title does not come from Brazil

Do not ever Brit won eleven races of a season, or six in a row. Hamilton has been dragged into it. On Sunday in Austin he defeated Rosberg even though he started the race after him. In the overall standings,

Hádzanári Kasal: Dva roky v Barcelone mi otvorili oči

Keď ho minulý týždeň vo francúzskom Chambéry stretol jeden z najlepších hádzanárov sveta Nikola Karabatic, obdivne prehodil, že je snáď ešte väčší ako pred prázdninami. Nie. Michal Kasal meria stále úctyhodných 207 centimetrov. Odchovanec Nového Veselí však za dva roky

Taliansky bijec s ruskými koreňmi Ivan Zajcev sa predvedie v Zlíne

Pred 22 rokmi sa stretol na palubovke so slávnym nahrávačom sovietskej volejbalové reprezentácie Vjačeslavom Zajcevom, dnes sa stretne Roman Macek s jeho nemenej známym synom Ivanom. “Teraz som ale v inej úlohe. On je svetový hráč a ja dôchodcov, “povedal

The Slav also won in Ekaterinburg and Kazan is waiting for him

The Karabanov, Kulakov – Korcs, Chernysev, eliminated 7: 6, 1: 1, weakened 0: 0, 2500 viewers BRATISLAVA. Three matches, nine points and a score of 11: 5. Slovan Hockey players did not have such a start of the season in