Bet365 bonuses


Games are known almost since the dawn of time. But with the development of internet betting came into the new reality – virtual. One of the many game companies that offer games on the internet is Bet365. As it turns out, the company has over the years received praise, which has been appreciated by the industry.

Some facts about Bet365.

This is one of the largest companies in online gaming and gambling. The company was founded in 1997 but started its business for the first time in 1998 after it received its license for betting in the UK. Since then, the company received a variety of conditions, including Malta. The company has customers in 150 different countries and its offering is available in 20 languages (including Swedish).

Well disposal of the offer and clear rules has been recognized and rewarded. Bet365 won no less than three times the title of the best European operator of gaming and sports betting: 2006, 2008 and 2009, awarded by the magazine eGaming Review selected. In addition, in 2009 the company received award as the year’s live betting operator. Bet365 received in 2008 a very important certificate G4 (Global Gaming Guidance Group) as a reward for achieving high standards in the field of responsible gaming.

What Bet365?

On the game’s website is a variety of sports games and more. The main sports are football, volleyball, basketball. But there are also games that are associated with more niche disciplines such PESÄPALLO (baseball, Finnish PESÄPALLO) or cricket. Fans of horse racing and dog also find the right betting area.

The company also offers some more unusual betting game. Among them are e.g. bet on the election of Miss Finland 2016. Popular initiatives are related to the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest (ESC). Game Company also decided to expand the category of “current policy”. Now you can bet on the future coalition in the Austrian Parliament, the election of the new President of the United States and France (these will take place in 2017) or the result of Sweden’s general elections (expected in 2018).

Moreover, you can have fun in the online casino where there are many types of games. You can also participate in casino tournaments and win extra prizes. An interesting option is also live casino. Here you can try on poker, blackjack, roulette or baccarat (Punto Banco). A separate category is bingo and its related tournaments.

If you have enough power to play, you can visit a tab with different games. It appears besides the titles associated with the casino and card games such as Rubik’s cube or different racing game.

Which campaigns Bet365 has prepared?

All campaigns are divided into appropriate categories so you can easily find interesting options. Remarkable option is risk free free game on 100. But to use it, you first bet 500 crowns on the upcoming Champions League.

Another interesting option is to get back up to 1000 crowns for losing bets. The offer applies to the Champions League, La Liga and the Premier League. To get a refund, there are conditions that the target will be done after 90 minutes of the match. Therefore, the offer is called “Safe 90+”.
There are separate campaigns for casino and poker. Among them, a remarkable welcome package which has been divided into three price. The largest of them are up to 5 000. All this to encourage vague to begin the adventure with gambling.

Gaming company to get as many new customers as possible, has also created a “refer a friend” reward system. For each invited friend who creates an account, you can get up to 1000 crowns as a reward. Of course, the new player can enjoy a range of welcome bonuses too. As it stands, both sides benefit from this, then it is pure win-win situation.

Summary, …

Bet365 is a company engaged in a number of countries. Through the years, has won praise from its customers and also among professional gamblers. It is seen on a variety of awards and honors as the gaming company got. Thanks to this, even bad players to be convinced that the offered games are organized in accordance with applicable law. Means and actions entrusted are secure, odds are high and their payment fast and safe. We recommend!

Bookies – Money and discipline


It’s been 11 years, but I remember it to this day. In CHANCE stood before me a man who wrote a paper on the two numbers, handed it to the woman behind the window and said: “Fifty thousand.” It was quite pale, and he pulled out an envelope with the money, his hands were shaking.

The man bet on the Champions League second round basic groups. Great motivation for all teams, so he decided to bet that the Spartans beat Lazio at home and Arsenal also win at home over then not very well known Shakhtar Donetsk. Chance worker verified that bet can accept and print a coupon for fifty thousand with a total rate of 1.35.

I better then I’ve ever seen, but it is possible that I would not recognize him anyway, because he was watching Arsenal seemed gray hair. Gunners after half an hour of losing 0: 2 and a few minutes before the end it was 1: 2nd Martin Keown was able to compare the 2: 2 and the same player in the last minute arranged Arsenal three points and punters Chance of net win of 15,000.

For him, this match (Lazio and Sparta have been consulted without problems) resulted in a happy ending, but if you change your way of betting, probably did not fare too well. According to his body language it was clear that the match bet more money than they could afford – who knows if you lend them – and any loss would hurt him a lot.

Betting, if you want to make profit, not about how to choose the correct match. Specifically, it is not just about that. Whether you how good tip, it’s still just one tip, which also may not come out. Although betting is fun, but it still remains a form of investment, which in the long term can not (Expekt) do without certain rules of money management. If you do not follow these rules, or good tips from bookies do not make you profitable.

Its about how well they know poker players. They often participate in tournaments in which they face off against several hundred or thousands of opponents. Chances are that in this tournament to win some money, not too big; chance that even such a tournament win is very small. This applies even very good poker players – in this game because there is a random factor that may even exclude the best player of the tournament.

Successful poker players because they have their so-called. Bankroll and participate in tournaments in which their bankroll allows them to log in. Bankroll is the sum of money to the game – it’s not therefore money, without which it would not have to rent, for food, and so on. Whether a player no Betsafe ( matter how rich, each tournament will invest only a small portion – a maximum of one percent – of their bankroll. Thanks to “survive” a period when it fails (and such periods would sometimes come to everyone), and nezbankrotuje, for example, when it comes out of the ten tournaments consecutively idle.

The betting it works exactly the same way. You may be even the best punter, but such can happen to lose ten tickets in a row. For example, if you have 10,000 crowns each of the ten proherních tickets wagered per thousand, they would be zero, and you would have to re putting together the money to bankroll, which is annoying.

Tips on how to properly care for the money found on the Internet a lot, but at least two are universal:

1st Never risk more than 5% of your bank. Even the most five percent of the lot; if you want to live a more leisurely age, prefer to keep the bet at 2-3%. Neither the ten losing tickets in a row will not break the bank then.

2. Avoid bets to make up for previous losses. A friend years ago he sent to an account at internet bookmakers 1,500 EUR patiently smaller stakes multiplied almost doubled. The system was excellent, but worked only until the day when a friend did not work out multiple bets, so he decided to bet all the existing profit on the favorite in a friendly match. After the result 0: 0 realized that not only bet for friendly matches is tricky, but mostly he learned that the system is excellent without excellent discipline useless.

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A metà degli anni novanta, quando ancora vivevo in Ucraina

Ha giocato niente – poco più di una cinquantina di presenze in «Spartacus», un incontro per la squadra nazionale della Russia. Ma il ricordo. Qualcuno gol, qualcuno giovanile immediatezza… Ha avuto un sacco di talento, questo simpatico ragazzo dai capelli neri. E amava giocare a calcio. Proprio giocare. Ma la carriera di Artem senza radici era troppo breve. Sì, se solo la carriera…

A metà degli anni novanta, quando ancora vivevo in Ucraina, mi è capitato di scoprire che ci sono a Savona straordinariamente talentuoso ragazzo. Un amico, un grande ammiratore della Dynamo kiev, lamentando che il giovane talento si recò a Mosca. Io stesso, essendo tifoso di «Spartacus», in fondo in fondo speravo che di tutte le squadre di mosca, il giovane sceglie la giusta. Pertanto, è stato lieto di apprendere che l’Arte senza radici si prepara nell’ambito di «Spartacus» per la stagione-96.

E la stagione che ha promesso di essere molto difficile per il rosso e il bianco. Oleg concentrato sul lavoro con la squadra, lasciando il posto di capo allenatore Giorgio . «Spartacus» con glitter ha vinto la fase a gironi di champions League, ma per l’inverno ha perso i suoi principali combattenti. E ‘ un peccato, quando il capitano Viktor Onopko cambiato «Spartacus» modesto «Oviedo», Stanislav andato in «Tirolo», e Sergei Juran con il Basilico e non trasferiti in «Millwall». E questo è un elenco parziale delle perdite. Naturalmente, ci sono stati e l’acquisizione, in cui era il 17-year-old Artem da Sumy.

Senza radici ha debuttato nella partita contro il «Nantes», che «Spartacus» ha perso 0:2. Artem è uscito venti minuti. Ha giocato lui e al ritorno, contaminato giudice . In quella stagione il giovane centrocampista ha giocato una decina di partite per il «pioniere squadra Yartsev», tra cui in oro partita. Ma, francamente, non ricordo. In quella stagione ci sono stati altri personaggi i cui nomi sono sulla bocca di tutti. E di Arte come qualcosa di invisibile scomparso. Si è scoperto, era andato in Germania, il Bayer leverkusen. Era un po ‘ di rammarico, ma non posso dire che sono rimasto molto addolorato per la sua scomparsa. Non è la prima, non l’ultima, che non è riuscito a sintonizzare. «Spartacus» ha vinto l’oro e senza senza radici, e informazioni sui tedeschi imprese Artem non è stato. Se il suo traumatico, se qualcuno ha traumatizzato.

Ma il destino ha regalato La seconda occasione in «Spartacus». Dopo due anni di permanenza nel «Bayer» senza radici si trovò di nuovo di moscoviti. E abbastanza rapidamente dimostrato di essere tornato non invano. Ricordo bene di primavera match con «le Ali di Consigli» sul difficile campo dello stadio «Torpedo». Artem uscito in prima squadra e ha segnato una doppietta con due colpi rasoterra da fuori area. Non lo nego, questa volta ho «percepito il sapore» di questo calciatore e si rese conto che ha davvero talento e molto giocatore. Artem molto rapido, ottimamente giocato al tocco, inoltre, era tecnica. Si rivolgeva con la palla dolcemente, anche affettuosamente. E la palla lo ha ascoltato, come un buon amico.

Poi Artem improvvisamente scomparso. Si è scoperto che è stato traumatizzato. Perso un mese, un altro e ‘ uscito in panchina nella partita con il CSKA. Uomini dell’esercito per il momento sono riuscito a diventare rosso-bianco rivale numero uno. Nel primo giro il CSKA ha perso nella lotta pesante e molto voluto prendere una rivincita, tanto più nel ruolo di candidato maestro. Sì, inattesa sconfitta dal «» ha configurato rosso-blu in disperata lotta con il campione.

Ma la battaglia non ha funzionato. «Spartacus» ha vinto «un cancello». Artem è venuto dalla panchina e ha segnato due di marca palla. Il terzo e il quarto in una partita. Diciassette anni sono passati, e questi marcatori può richiamare in qualsiasi momento del giorno e della notte. Tolto l’esercito difensore e tiro rasoterra, sotto il piede di appoggio di un esercito portiere Goncharova. Questo è il primo. E la seconda nel tocco, dal centro dell’area di rigore. Anche rasoterra, anche senza la possibilità per il portiere.

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Plzen zakończeniu naprawy na stadion, było pół miliarda

Ponad pół miliarda zainwestował w przeszłości prawie sześć lat w gminie Pilzno kompletnej odbudowy i zakończeniu Stadionu Miejskiego w sadach Štruncovy. Innym mniej więcej 90 milionów były dwie wieże narożne, które z pomocą rządowych dotacji wypłaconej Klub FC Viktoria. Podczas przebudowy stadionu z lekkoatletyki śledzić zniesione, więc miasto zbudował nowy stadion dla sportowców innych ponad 100 milionów koron.

“Jeśli chodzi o wielkość, stadion precyzyjnie dopasowane do potrzeb miasta. Z całego regionu Pilzno tu ludzi do piłki nożnej i stadion jest co 14 dni wyprzedane”, powiedział dziennikarzom dziś Burmistrz Martin Zrzavecký (CSSD) podczas prezentacji końcowej części gotowych naprawiać stadion. Według przedstawicieli miasta i Victoria povedly inwestycyjnego, średniej frekwencji meczów klubu przekraczającej 10.000 widzów i jest zdecydowanie najwyższa w kraju.

Ostatnim etapem naprawy była rekonstrukcja górnej części głównej trybuny. “To obejmowały traktowanie powierzchni, wymiana foteli i balustrad, restauratorskich siedlisko dla zintegrowanego systemu ratownictwa, przebudowa chodnika w kierunku parku,” powiedział zastępca techniczny Pavel Sindelar Unibet (ODS).

Ze względu na budowę wieży narożnik zniszczone schodów dostępu z boku do głównego trybuny. Część końcowej fazie projektu było fasady, rekonstrukcja balkonu na drugim piętrze. Listwy są pokryte chodnik w kierunku parku, tak łączyła ogólny wygląd stadionu, przebudowany z narzędziami, dodał Sindelar.

Football Club dotrzymał obietnicy i zbudowane dwie narożne wieże Północnej i Południowej. W nich urządzeń do akademii klubu młodych piłkarzy, który następuje po regionalnej akademię piłkarską, powiedział Peter Zítek, przewodniczący Stowarzyszenia Viktoria Plzen – piłka nożna, która wspiera budowę wieży. Wieże stwarzać udogodnienia, zakwaterowanie, sale do fizjoterapii, rehabilitacji i catering dla młodych piłkarzy. Według właściciela FC Viktoria Plzen Tomas Paclík teraz mamy klub i miasto jeden z najnowocześniejszych stadionów w Republice Czeskiej, która przylega do najsurowszych standardów europejskiej piłki nożnej, a także oferuje prime warunków dla młodych talentów piłkarskich.

W pierwszym etapie, który rozpoczął się wiosną 2011 roku, aby usunąć oryginalne mury wokół toru byłe lekkoatletyka, a powierzchnia gra zostanie przeniesiona do głównej trybuny. Stopniowo nowy wpis w polu dla graczy zakończył południowej, wschodniej i północnej trybuny, zbudowany z oświetleniem na polu gry, parking i część wnętrza sali i głównej trybuny.

Roda JC – Feyenoord Rotterdam 0:2

Feyenoord Rotterdam football players were able to confirm the role of favorite to land Rody Kerkrade and finally succeeded in the ratio of 2: 0, the victory is certainly not delivered easily. Home excellent choice for a long time resisted by winning away team decided about twenty-five minutes before the end of the star Dirk Kuyt, who this season scored his tenth shot. Roda in the Eredivisie table still resides on the seventeenth position with thirteen points.

Wards coach Giovanni van Bronckhorst have strengthened the leading position with a forty-five points and currently have over another eight points ahead of Ajax, but in Amsterdam selection awaits duel 18th round in Zwolle. After a cautious introduction, Feyenoord could get into the lead in the middle of the first half when, after the balloon took prompt action Berghuis.

Although initially he got out of a position, but then eventually fired right next to the far post.

Pets have a huge opportunity to open the score in the game, setting the initial act. Direct free kick from the right side unhappily extended one of the guest players at the back post, where he found himself completely alone van Hyfte. But he gave up his shots too much power and criminally tricked only bar, from which the ball bounced to the grandstand. The second half is expected to be better joined Rotterdam whole.

In 48 minutes he resolved to attempt the middle distance Toornstra, however, between three poles did not aim. The decisive moment was born 69 minutes. After a cross from the right side and then přistrčení from Jorgensen obstřelil Kuijt first goalkeeper van Leer and the border gate area went into the upper right corner. Roda from this moment had more attack and thus opening the windows in his defense, which guests began to use.

First 77 minutes after a long throw-in and then he raced alone to obhození van Leer fast-Jørgensen, but the finish he did not succeed. Subsequently interfering guardian Rody header Toornstry against a shot from a free kick from twenty meters in 88 minutes but conceded twice. Goal account of Sunday’s encounter concluded Eljero Elia, who along with sample narážečce Jørgensen obstřelil from eight meters helpless van Leer.

Three points benefits, seven tournaments month

Bayern organizes Friday second round, considering only three points the authorities over RB Leipzig but front of him seven competitions almost a month, until February 18: five football one in the German Cup and the perfect match of 1/8 final of the League Masters with Arsenal. Injuries and finish players that had been powerful point round rewanżowych in Bayernie when a coach this Association was PEP Guardiola. The Spaniard about what especially intervene with German journalists: when wrote, did that his effort subjected to players on the wounds. Robert Lewandowski has admitted lately one of the interview no freshness depends on factors of the European cups he was problem. And Carlo Ancelotti has been employed and, this posts to that problem to solve.

Alternate Lewandowski, the only weak point of Bayern

Bayern will start this year a part of the League, not the injured Jerome Boateng, but according to Thomas Strunza today Bavaria only in defense much secure from the consequences of the injury of one of the players than the previous year, how want when failed to download Serdara Tasciego. “Javier Martinez, David Alaba, Joshua Kimmich applies able maneuver. Bavaria created also in the future giving yourself najulubieńsze summer transfer Niklasa Süle (Hoffenheim defender – ed)”, – says Strunz. Praised also the Bavaria sea other player Hoffenheim, Sebastian Rudy, the football player so diverse which important fail to take from comments on bright the defense. Ore as well as go to Bayern in the summer, without compensation. Problem is an attack. The only weak point of Bayern, says Strunz, more response request: to change Lewandowski?

Rally Monte Carlo goes one among the dark all calendars.

Sad news with the rally Monte Carlo. Died fan, what remained deducted in the first Chapter rally car provided for Hayden Paddona.
The fan was taken by helicopter to a hospital in nice in spite of the efforts of doctors, died. Was launched a thorough investigation into the cause of the accident.

Rally Monte Carlo goes some of the dangerous all calendars. All variables are conditions on the path and often invisible is especially for drivers icy sections of the route. And apparently in such a trap Paddon. In drinking of turns the first phase special Hyundai i20 WRC Coupe New dohamowaniu quickly started to rotate the car drove end on a roadside and shooting at the mountain. Car fell end.

The car can be hit end in an individual among the fans, standing protected from light. Losing apartment car not give guarantee but you see to them, the fans sit the city actual – outside deepening in a left turn. zdobyciach on the outside of the car is seen as a fan goes of the slope. possible that single person who lived protected from light value furthermore could not escape from under the wheels. benefits with immediately rushed by other fans and services of medical.

It is possible to do what is the current for us a good result.

Current was to us super football lesson traditional but close the most beautiful competition these competitions – said the coach of frame Russian Tałant Dujszebajew after the match Poland – France (25:26) competitions players in the world prepaid.
Tałant Dujszebajew (coach of frame Russian): “Then was to us a super lesson of handball. Then, what at the meeting, against the best group of the world were the stress, the fear of last talk totally natural. Current was middle the most beautiful match on current competitions”.

Michael Visor (winger frames Russian): “We healthy command in addition every among the us spit acts pressure. . I Play, that is we current match in this procedure. If this fails can I say, that then parish were any value for us, and that is capacity of of advantages and we enjoy. Agree we’ll discuss and we following insights.

– It is possible to do what there is this for us a good result. Not works about current that ceased with no purposes but we have learned very experiences as well as the advantages to Dora. It is known that value was to new because the French to carry out already this enhancement. We likewise we have personality that victory will not give us anything. These games activity completely in different ways. Despite the lack of nervousness and pressure existed this match good and also any planned to. We that these sins was still moment and what competition competition the fighting makes beautiful.

– Studying each other useful to us there is when anything meetings. We will to see your positions number of courage.

Fourcade má na

Fourcade má na čele celkového poradia SP náskok 278 bodov pred Šipulinem. Najlepší z Čechov Krčmář zostal priebežne jedenásty.

Cez víkend sú vo vysokej nadmorskej výške v Anterselva na programe preteky s hromadným štartom a štafety.

Viidennessä artiklassa meidän historialliset ja taloudelliset sarja

Viidennessä artiklassa meidän historiallisia taloudellisia sarja, puhutaan avainkysymys saapuminen rahaa jalkapallo, joka me ohitetaan, ryntää heti ensimmäinen palkka kiinnike. Nyt, tehtyään kaksi askelta eteenpäin, sinun täytyy ottaa askel taaksepäin. Mutta ensimmäinen, toinen sanoi Uljanov-Lenin – nykyinen tilanne.

Analysoimalla teema “Jalkapallo ja rahaa”, ei voi sivuuttaa psykologinen kanta pelaajat aiheuttanut voimakas kasvu niiden hyvinvointia. Iso raha liian usein vahingoittaa psyyke henkilö, nämä lahjat eivät ole valmiita, ja tämä trauma voi olla vaarallisempaa kuin vahinkoa akillesjänteessä tai vasikka.

Menemättä yksityiskohtiin, voin sanoa, että henkinen tasapaino henkilön tärkeä vastapaino järjestelmä. Tulevaisuudessa Kiinan virkamiesten opiskelu Academy of julkisen palvelun, johtaa pakollinen (opetussuunnitelman mukaisesti) vankilassa, jossa teidät on tuomittu kuolemaan viranomaistoimintaa – sen pakokaasujen. Ja tuomittiin ne, tietenkin, korruptio. Tämä on erittäin hyvä vastapaino halu rikastuttaa itsensä kustannuksella talousarvion. Pistää miettimään, sisältää aivot, virkistää mielen. Joten tässä: tällä viikolla, Jose Mourinho keksi hyvä psykologinen vastapainoksi heidän varakas osastoilla: häviäjä kolmas ottelu peräkkäin, pelaajat “Manchester United” oli pakko päästä kotiin Watford (joka on 300 km) julkisilla liikennevälineillä (juna), sellaisena kuin kuolevaiset, joiden keskimääräinen maan palkka. Tietenkin, matka junassa virkistää ole yhtä paljon kuin vankilan vierailut tulevaisuudessa virkamiehet, mutta ravistaa rauhan se voi varaa. Se on sääli, että meidän valmentajat eivät poimia moderni innovaatio. Lost – kotiin pyörällä. Joka säällä. Ja ei mitään niin paljon ja tuuli. Mutta ei mennä kentällä vihainen ja nälkäinen…

Nyt takaisin historian rahaa jalkapallo. Joten, meillä on vasta 1901, kun se hyväksyttiin ensimmäinen rajoitus palkat pelaajaa (neljä kiloa viikossa). Mutta ennen sitä tapahtui toinen, tärkeä tilaisuus jalkapallon Yleisen ja kaupallisen osa erityisesti, tai edes ensisijaisesti. Laillistaminen ammattitaito ei ole tehnyt jalkapallo kannattavaa liiketoimintaa. Jalkapalloseurat pelataan kerran kuukaudessa Kuppi Jalkapalloliiton ajoittain pelannut hyvin ja treenannut kovaa. Mutta se oli kaikki otettu niin hauskaa, vaikka ammatilliset toimijat. Miksi, sitten, oli vuonna 1901 rajoittaa palkkojen kasvua? Missä tämä eniten kasvua? Mitä palkat nousee?

Vuonna 1870, kun unified jalkapallo oli kahdeksas vuosi Birmingham tulossa Skotlantilainen liikemies William McGregor. Joilla ratkaistaan muun muassa teollisuuden kaupunki, McGregor avaa tekstiili-shop (joka on pian tullut kokoontumispaikka jalkapallofanit, koska McGregor oli yksi ensimmäisistä Britanniassa myydä t-paitoja symboleilla klubi), alkaa kannustamaan paikallisia ole kovin tunnettu joukkue ja on ollut varsin aktiivinen organisaation ja sen asteittaista kehitystä. William oli hyvin energinen mies, ja jos hän oli tulessa joka tapauksessa, se oli todellinen palo.

Samaan aikaan vuonna 1874 Birmingham luo uusi seura Aston Villa. Kolme jäsentä uuden klubin oli etsimässä veturi, johon voisi takertua, ja vihdoin löytynyt McGregor: se on virallisesti kutsuttu ekp: n Neuvoston “Villa”. McGregor arvioi tilannetta – klubi on pelissä lähellä hänen shop, club jäsen William toistuvasti tavannut paikallisen Metodisti Kirkko (huom – ei yökerho, ja Kirkossa, se on hieman erilainen), ja lisäksi joukkue tasaisesti rakennettu Skotlannin Diaspora (maanmiehiään, on aina mahdollista, kun et tunne alhainen, pukeutuminen ruudullinen hameet, juoda olutta ja kiristä Skotlannin malja – auld lang syne, rakas…). William on samaa mieltä.

Mainonta: arvostelut ja yhtiö – lue ja uusille pelaajille ja viimeisellä sivulla sponsoriltamme – lukea

FC Lorient – EA Guingamp 3:1

mazzariMajeed Waris seus dois gols ajudaram a derrota Guingamp. Para Lorient foi a quinta vitória em vinte lutas. Os hóspedes sexta vez contrário perdido, mas o quinto lugar não é mais apenas pode derrubar Marselha.

Enquanto eles estavam alas Antoine Kombouarého que cinco minutos antes de expirar o tempo regulamentar de jogo o primeiro semestre assumiu a liderança. Etienne Didot encontrada Mustapha Diallo, que dirige bola sklepnul no caminho de Yannis Saliburovi, com cujo final não Bet365 pode lidar com Benjamin Lecomte – 0: 1º Tal šatňák quase clássico. Muito chato, mas para casa depois de mudar de lado ocupados.

Mas primeiro eles precisavam de duas excelentes intervenções de seu goleiro, que permitem ir atrás das costas ou de manhã Briand, nem Saliburovu tiro técnico. Les Merlus estabeleceu-se em 72 minutos. Romain Philippoteaux centrado e Waris encontrou espaço entre Jeremy Sorbon e Marcal. Em sua cabeça foi, então, Karl-Johan Johnsson breve – 1: 1º

Aos 82 minutos, eclodiu no Stade du Moustoir alegria quase universal. Christophe Kerbrat em sua própria área de grande penalidade ilegalmente atacaram o atacante ganês Majeed Waris. O homem do jogo, mas não pegou pena de execução. Esta actividade deixou os companheiros Jimmy Cabot, que não estava enganado – 2: 1º

Nos minutos finais, ainda à espera de passar Walid Meslouba uma Sportingbet segunda vez no jogo superou o goleiro sueco – 3: 1º Lorient ainda é muito não acreditava, no entanto, ele confirmou que em casa para Guingamp sabe jogar. Veja se você terá o bom resultado em Mônaco. No seu conjunto, o Stade du Roudourou acontecer a seguir Rennes.