Is it safe to use hcg injections

HCG drops are an effective substitute for the natural hormone which is produced in the body. Its full form is human chorionic gonadotropin. These drops are basically meant for pregnant ladies who build up on lots of fat after their pregnancy period. The hcg drops tear off the fat from the unwanted areas and help in its proper distribution. Unlike other diet medicines it does not lead to suppression of hunger. In fact it fastens the metabolism rate leading to less fats and more energy.

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  • Are hcg drops safe for losing calories?

Hcg drops are authorized by the US Food and Administration Department and are considered to be safe by them. Also, these are synthesized from the human pituitary glands. However, it needs to be accompanied by a strict hcg diet restricted to 500 calories for 8 weeks. This food intake which is very much low on carbs by itself will lead to shedding some kilos. The total package of hcg drops and hcg diet affects a person’s body in different ways. Such hcg diet is supposed to be dangerous by the people rather than the hcg drops. Since, anything lower than 1000 calories is like starving. You even may not have the hcg drops then. Also, there are different sources to buy hcg from. It can be ordered online or from a homeopathic centre, or from a doctors lab. As not all drops are created equal, it is always better to buy a doctor prescribed drops. As this can be taken orally and in the form of injection it is always better to know that these are not expired.

  • What are the dangers of consuming expired hcg drops?

The hcg drops are made from the pituitary gland of a person, so difficult to store it.  Once the seal is opened it should be used up as soon as is possible. Using outdated medicine is hazardous to the health of a person. So when you buy check the expiry date.

Is the package of hcg drops combined with a low calorie diet safe?

It is low calorie diet which can cause the maximum amount of harm. A normal person requires little more than 1000 calories a day. We are talking about a pregnant lady whose diet requirements will be even higher to maintain her and her child’s health. Low calorie diet is okay for a day, but long term limitations can lead to problems like fatigue, insomnia, tiredness, hair loss, chest pain, muscle loss. Fat loss is good but not muscle loss. Therefore, more peculiarly, the hcg diet drop dangers are more than the medicine can cause.

  • How to deceive the diet and yet lose weight?

Basically stick to the hcg diet plan combo with the medicine for at least 2 weeks and see how it works. It will have different effects depending on body types. Some people will have a drop in weight after the 2nd day and then it will be maintained. Only a few will have a drastic reduction in their weight which is not very good. An instant drop in the weight is a signal that you need to change your diet with prescription of doctor.  You can start with some changes in your diet gradually eating the food you like but keep a constant check on your weight. This will help curb the hcg diet drop dangers.


  • How to choose genuine hcg drops?

It is always better to buy hcg drops prescribed by doctor. This is an over the counter product easily available even online and medical shops but due care must be taken to check its expiry.


How to monitor HCG Levels

A bioassay or pregnancy examination will give the earliest data regarding your HCG levels. The physiological state internal secretion or human chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG) which is one of the pregnancy hormones is produced by cells that appear within the placenta. It is the presence of this HCG hormone which confirms the pregnancy.

Blood examination will naturally determine the HCG drop count within eleven days when fertilization is done, and urine examination typically acquires the internal secretion by twelve to fourteen days when fertilization is completed. HCG levels will give helpful data for deciding whether or not a physiological state of pregnancy is healthy. In approximately 85% of regular pregnancies, HCG level doubles each forty-eight to seventy-two hours. If you've got reason to be anxious about your physiological state not having developed ordinarily, then checking your HCG level will assist you determine any retardation and give you support and assurance. There are certain technique that you have to pursue for monitoring or checking HCG levels which you will need to follow such as:-

Modus Operandi


  • Bring at your residence a bioassay or pregnancy determination kit that is (HPT) that helps identifying the HCG in your body waste that is urine. With an extremely susceptible examination or test you can obtain an affirmative outcome within seven days after commencement, however this can be unusual.  Once the egg is prepared to be fertilized (ovulated), examine your body waste or urine twelve to fourteen days after (ovulation), because such test will give you a trustworthy reply to your question, that whether you’re pregnant or not.  If the examination you have undergone of the urine is affirmative that means you have good news, the presence of HCG in your body means that you are pregnant.


  • You can as well refer to your doctor and ask for an Oral HCG Drop examination, so that such test or examination can ascertain what quantity of HCG is present in your body. Usually the doctor do not habitually check  HCG levels throughout gestation period, however might confirm to do so if you've got a history of pregnancy issues, like sterility or if there is any sort of bleeding or pain that you are suffering from. In such cases the doctor might check the Hcg level.


  • Most of the people or pregnant women think that getting Oral HCG Drop examination done once will be sufficient to know whether everything is perfect and normal. But in reality it’s not so, one test cannot give you the guarantee that the level will remain as it is. That’s why it is important that three to four l test is done to determine its level, so that the doctor can ascertain the pattern in which the HCG level increases or fall. It is vital to consult your doctor whether the level are moving at a regular speed.

Word of admonition

When the HCG level lowers down for any reason or the level does not rise then it’s an indication to serious problem ahead that you have to face, such as complication in your pregnancy. A change in HCG level can also be an indication to something which is noteworthy and demand an immediate attention. One of the reasons for HCG level to drop may refer to is termination of pregnancy when the foetus does not grow any further.


Keep checking your HCG level and consult the doctor if there are sign or if have any doubt related to your normal behaviour with respect to your pregnancy. Have a safe period of motherhood emotion and experience.



Why does HCG levels drop then rise?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, better known as HCG is a hormone produced in the body of the female. Technically, it is formed by the Placenta creating cells and may also help in determining the viability of the pregnancy. Before speaking about the rise and fall in the HCG levels it is important to know what it is and how it works.

Formation: As stated, the Placenta forming cells gives birth to HCG a few days after conception and ovulation. As soon as the placenta is attached to the uterine lining the HCG enters the circulation and is eventually excreted into urine. Thus urine tests help in the determination of the level of HCG which varies widely.

Measure: HCG is measured in milli-international units per millilitre (mIU/ml). HCG tests are done to measure its level. It is also plausible that among different females the level of HGC quantity differs largely but there is no such surety that high levels of HGC can result in a normal delivery of a healthy baby. Normally among (pre pregnancy or post menopausal) females, the HCG measures less than 5mIU/ml and therefore anything above 25mIU/ml is positive for a pregnancy.

Variation: Every 48-72 hours the HCG level changes. Within the female body itself the HCG level varies in the blood and the urine. However, the maximum amount of HCG can be detected around the 8th to 11th week of pregnancy and then they gradually reduce in quantity. Due to these variations doctors don’t date the pregnancy using HCG.


Usage: in layman terms, it helps in detecting pregnancy but scientifically speaking its main function is to support the corpus luteum producing progesterone when conception occurs. Doctors do not use it to date pregnancies as its too fluctuating. Ultrasound could be used to test the normalcy of pregnancy but the same is based on multiple readings.

HCG hormones can also help in controlling diet known as HCG Diet. The idea behind such diets is to trick the person so that she mentally believes that she is pregnant by medically injecting HCG into the body. This combined with the low-calorie diet can help in tremendous calorie burning. However they can result in excessive fatigue which in itself can cause troubles. On a positive note though, it helps in equal distribution of fat and swipes away all discomforts associated with other forms of diet. Products such as Homeopathic HCG are also available which contain negligible HCG and that too in its purest form & therefore more beneficial.

The assessment of the change is more crucial than the level of HCG in the system. Within 72 hours an HCG level can change to become double. But what is more considerable is its change. Less change can be indicative of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. Alternatively, high change can also be a result of molar or multiple pregnancies. It is interesting to note that uptil 1200mIU/ml the HCG level doubles every 48 hours (normally), however beyond that it takes time of about 4 to 6 days.

As around the 10th or 11th week, this quantity is at its highest and beyond that it takes a downturn. Also HCG levels do not increase due to any medication unless the composition of the drug contains HCG.

During IVF and other fertility treatments, HCG is introduced into the body using medicines or other drugs. Different females may respond differently to it and if need be they can also opt out if they cannot take its reactions well. Thus, HCG levels vary vastly during pregnancy for females but such symptoms in males can result in testicular cancer.



Side Effects of HCG Drops

It is true that the hcg drops are used by a lot of people for the purpose of losing weight. It is very popular and it is has been known for giving you notable results. However, you would have to know if there are any side effects to using these drops. The answer is yes, there are side effects and you would know it already if you have used the drops already. However, it is important that you know that in most cases, the side effects are caused by the improper usage of the drops. Therefore, the drops are bound to have side effects on you if you do not stick to the protocol of using hcg drops.

If you think that the by taking the hcg drops you would feel a lot of discomfort, you are mistaken. As a matter of fact, the drops would help you stay away from the discomfort. The calorie count of the drops is quite low. However, there are a few effects that you may expect as you use the drops. Some of the problems that you may face are unusual craving your food, cramps in the leg, mood swings along with headaches. However, if you are on the diet, you may face more serious discomfort if you do not use the drops.

It is important that you know that a prolonged diet of low calories may get the metabolism of the body shifted to the mode of starvation. In this case, the energy of the body is generated by the consumption of the muscles of the body. To avoid this problem, you must use the drops so that the rate of metabolism of your body may increase. In this way, you would be able to make sure that your body always has the adequate amount of energy to let you carry on with your daily activities without any problem. This will also help you reduce the unusual craving for food.

There are some people who are of the opinion that the use of the hormones may cause the loss of hair in some people. However, the authenticity of this claim is quite questionable. Therefore, if you experience loss of hair you cannot really put the blame on the hcg drops side effects. However, if you do start losing hair then it would be probably because of the stress that comes with the diet of HCG. However, the usage of the drops has no scientific effect on loss of hair in the human body.

There are a lot of conceptions regarding the hcg drops side effects that are utterly ridiculous.  Some men think that they would start having physical attributes that are womanly since the hormone is meant for women. There are also a bunch of men who think that they would develop breasts with the use of the hormone. There is absolutely no rational base for such fears. Men and women all over the world are using the hormones with very good results.

If there are any side effects from using the hormone, it would be same for men as well as women. They are mood swings, slight dizziness and cramps in the leg. With the progress of the diet and the effect of the hormone taking its course, these problems would be soon overcome. Women could be affected by the OHSS that may be a bit serious. However, it is quite rare. In most cases, the problem wears off as the course progresses. These are some of the minor problems that you may have to face with the diet and the drops of hcg.

It is very important that you do your research well in this regard. As mentioned earlier, you would not have to face any problem if you can stick to the protocol of using the HCG diet. It is also very important that you are very careful when you are taking the hormones though injections.  Problems like blood clots and muscle pains can be caused by wrong method of injecting. Therefore, you should only trust an experienced hand with the job. With all these aspects in mind, you would not have to be afraid of the hcg drops side effects.


HCG ultra diet drops- your new guide to a beautiful body

In today's world not only young teenagers but middle aged people have also become very conscious about maintaining their figure and looking beautiful. You definitely desire to look the best in every situation. You also love to enjoy everyone’s attention and appreciation towards your beauty. But a fear constantly nags you, the fear of gaining weight, and looking unshaped. Surely, extreme weight gain harms your personality and self confidence besides your figure. So, it is high time that you need to take care of your body and your diet.


HCG drops-a comforting solution

HCG drops is the new comforting solution to your fear. All your worries come to a halt with this invention. The HCG drops help you to control your balanced body weight. Well, you can take the HCG ultra diet drops either orally or you can also get it injected in your body. This will help you to lose your desired weight. So, you must avail this solution without delay.

Diet- A mandatory part of weight loss

Now that you have already decided to start your journey to look beautiful and lose weight, what are you waiting for? You must keep in mind the most important factor for weight loss is a balanced diet. Diet plays a very important role in everyone's life. But what is diet? Well, diet is the intake of a balanced meal that has the right amount of protein, carbohydrate, energy and fat to provide you the right body shape and energy required by your body.

HCG diet-The icing on the cake

Now that there is a clear concept in your mind regarding the importance of a balanced diet, what if you get an extra bonus? We all love bonus right? Well your bonus is HCG diet. Now the obvious question in your mind is what is a HCG diet? HCG diet allows you the intake of a very low calorie ranging to a maximum of 500 calories. So it is a very effective diet for you.

Why HCG diet other than anything else?

Just because HCG diet allows you a low intake of calories does it suffice your having a HCG diet? Well it does offer you many other benefits also. For a low calorie diet the most important factor is time. It is a time consuming affair which requires a lot of dedication. You also run the risk of regaining your weight once you lose dedication or become casual. Plus you can always hanker for food as your hunger will not be demolished. But with a HCG diet you will definitely stop feeling hungry. And this diet is also less time consuming. Hence this diet is helpful as well as beneficial.

Hence, if you maintain HCG ultra diet with HCG drops you will probably have the best shaped body and all your extra fats burnt. So HCG ultra diet drops are the best solution for you.